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I am rustic artist Bradley Weatherup. I have been creating furniture, arbors, and gazebos in the Berkshires for 15 years, and am sole owner/operator of Rustic Woodcraft.

Eastern Red Cedar, a wood noted for its strength, longevity and resistance to rot is my choice for the outdoor furniture and structures that I build. Taking advantage of its natural shapes and quirks, I create unique pieces that compliment landscapes, gardens, patios and decks.
Brad's work

These Galleries illustrate the variety of work that I do. While most pieces shown were custom orders, there are usually arbors and furniture available at nurseries and garden shops in the region, including Campo de Fiori in Sheffield, MA, and North Mountain Nursery in Hillsdale, NY.
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Brad's Shop Furniture and arbors are constructed with mortice and tenon joinery and are epoxy glued for strength and weather resistance. Structural screws are added to the mortice and tenon joint for arbors and other large pieces. Brad's Shop

In the upper left photo, I'm using drill and tenon cutter to mill branch end shown in upper right, that will fit corresponding mortice, directly right.

Lower photos show me standing on a coffee table to demonstrate the strength of even small pieces with this construction method, as well as the vibrant color of red cedar sawn and used for seat planks and table tops, which will weather over time to a warm gray.
Brad's Shop
Brad's Shop Brad's Shop Member of the Berkshire
Woodworkers Guild:

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Brad Weatherup